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Services We Offer

Social and You want to help your business gain exposure and create an online presence. A lot of people dont understand the power of Social Media and it can have a huge impact on your business. Whether its a local building company or a large corporation. Having on online presence is key.

Website Design and Set-up

You may have a lot of Facebook likes or a good Twitter following but without a website you have nowhere customers can see your services and get an insight into your business.

WordPress Set-up

WordPress is a great tool for getting a user base. We offer a fully working set-up of the software whether its built into your website or an external site. We can do both.

Social Media Support

With over 30+ Social Media websites out there we offer support for them all. We can advise which ones would be best for you and help you set them up. If you dont have the resources or time we can offer a fully managed Social Media solution.

Online Marketing Advice

Advertising on Facebook, using Google to get exposure or getting your service/product noticed. We know the best methods and marketing tools to help you get the most out of online marketing.

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Adding photos to Flickr, uploading a video to YouTube or writing a post on Wordpress. All these Social Media websites support Tagging. A lot of people either dont know how to use Tags or dont even know they exist.

Tagging your content online is very important and just by entering a couple of keywords it can increase your traffic and bring you more exposure. When websites ask for Tags they want you to enter keywords relating to that piece of content.

These Tags are used by search engines, social media websites and other services to link people to the content they want to see.

Heres an example:
I upload a video onto YouTube about social media and the internet. I would add the Tags: Social Media, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Social Networking etc…when a user searches these keywords my video will appear. If I wrote a post on Wordpress and included the above Tags, users can click on them and find other posts relating to that topic.

When you join a website, be sure to Tag things. Meaningful keywords that relate to the content your producing. I would recommend adding between 10 - 15 tags and make sure you keep them related.

Good luck and get tagging!